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DS005-1 Media Players for use with External button Triggers
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DS005-1 Media Players for use with External button Triggers
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Product Description:

DS005-1 Media Players for use with External button Triggers( can support 4 button with LED Or 8 Buttons without LED)


 * DS005-1 is a high performance full 1080P media player designed

  For kiosks and advertising.

* It is an ideal demonstration player which were used to make

  Presentation of your business or service

* It is an ideal replacement for blue ray and DVD video players

* It is an ideal playback unit for Large LCD and TV display. as well as multi-zone-display


it is widely used in the supermarket, banks, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, museums, exhibitions,

art galleries, well as other Commercial applications, Presenting your products with images

and videos in a slideshow can easily capture the attention of a target audience.


Main features:

 A: performance

1: Video performance:

TS(AVC,H.264), VOB,DAT Especially for AVC (h264), TS, MOV,RM/RMVB

2: Audio performance



Especially for 24BIT /192K, APE, FLAC

3: Picture



B: Function

1: power up, auto play.

2: support playlist,

   After you trigger a key, the playlist can define any play sequence

3: Support Background with music mode (Slideshow function)

4: support auto upgrade

5: support one key copy

6, Watchdog,There is a MCU inside, it always monitor the running of player

C: Interface

a, Input: 

1: RS232

2: push button

3:GPIO, can extent to motion sensor control

4: remote controller






*Selling Points:----Auto play

A, Auto play setuptup

 A: In the auto play mode, there is one configure file,

  Name is “autoplay.txt”, it saved at the root directory of

Memory device, such as USB , Hard disc .

  After power up , player will loop play the file at the root directory, you can put video,audio,music together at the root directory, if user input by remote or RS232 or Push button, the player will play the specified file that in autoplay.txt


B: Autoplay.txt configure

Every play item include three part

First two bit digit is the input No, then follow one “=”

After the =, it is the file(if at the root, don’t write it ) or file with path, such as



First line, after you trigger the 1, the player will play the “” at the root.

Second line, you trigger the 2, the player will play the video “hero.mpg” that save at the video folder.

The third line, define that  you trigger input 3, it will play all the file at the audio folder.

C:Special play mode

If you replace the autoplay.txt with the fastmode.txt

The player will play in fast mode, every line define one

Play option, this group by three part,

 First two bit is the input digit, after it is a “=”, after the “=”,define

The start play time and end time, first item 00 define the power up  play time, after power up it will always loop this segment, as following

 00=00,100, after power up, player will play at the beginning 0 second, after play to 100second, it will auto go to start time 0.

  If you trigger the input 03, and define  03=XX,YY , then player will jump to XX second play, after play to YY second, it will jump back to 00 item play.


 Such as:







D:Photo play option


 If you want to play the photo, with the background music,

 There are two cases

   1: you put the photo at the root, and create one folder “audio” at the root, you put the music in this folder, while play the photo at the root, it will play the music in the “audio” folder at the same time

  2: if you define one folder with photo, such as you define


  Also create one “foler photo_audio”, you put the music in this folder

  After you trigger the 1 , it will play the photo in the photo folder, at the same time play the music in the photo_audio folder.


E:Control play, can from the RS232 port, or I/O Port.


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