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Car audio amplifier
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Car audio amplifier
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                                                                                                             Car audio amplifier 



25W+25W stereo audio amplifier when using 19VDC.

Can be connected directly into a car battery or any other regulated power supply at up to 24 VDC.

When using 12VDC, output is 12W+12W.

Unit is shipped with DC power cord only.

Power supply 12 VDC or 19VDC is extra.

State of the art high performance digital audio amp IC.

Available with built in audio pot OR external audio pot.

Ideal for AMA1080p HD video player.

Compact unit size, only 2.5"W X 3.5"D X 1.0"H.



12VDC, 30 watt power supply. Amplifier output is 12W+12W.

19VDC,60 watt power supply. Amplifier output is 25W+25W.

50W is available with built in pot or external pot. Please specify when ordering.



Audio amplifier for AMA1080p HD video player..

Audio amplifier for Interactive travelling exhibit.

Audio amplifier for Theme Parks, Go-Kart tracks, Family Fun Parks.






Power input: 12 Vd@@ 30 watt or 19VDC@ 60Watt.

DC power cord is included, Power supply is optional.

Power switch: On/Off power switch at front panel.

Audio input: 2 RCA jack, 2 V p/p.

Volume control: External or built in audio pot.

Speaker out: 4 screw on terminals for Left and Right channel.

Metal enclosure size: 2.5"W X 3.5"D X 1.0"H.

Weight without P.S is approximately 4 Oz (120 grams).