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Quad core 4k android tv box
Product Name:
Quad core 4k android tv box
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Product Description:

                                                                            Quad core 4k android tv box 

Main features:

3840X2160 60HZ HDMI2.0

HDMI in and HDMI Out

RS232 ,Motion sensor,push button input.

Support 4 led buttons or 8 buttons without LED(Green sockets)

Support 6 led buttons or 12 buttons without LED(white sockets)

Auto-play when power on

Button control display

RS232 control display

Motion sensor trigger display

Custom control display

 Android player specificaiton
1:support the Mouse operation, you can insert the Mouse to USB port
  and operate the menu
2:if no configure file autoplay.txt 
  all media files at root, power up will automatically loop play.
  files in the folder, will play by button input.
  and folder is sort by alpabet.
  such as there are 3 folder "abc", "video", "123"
  input 1, will play the files in the folder "123"
  input 2, will play the files in the folder "abc"
  input 3, will play the files in the folder "video"
  afer play finish, jump to root
3: if there is the autoplay.txt, the play mode as the player we previous supply to you
4: Button 8, the right side button is for HDMI input switch.
   if you inserted the external HDMI in, you push once the key, will jump to external HDMI input
   if you push the key again, it will return back to inner video HDMI output
   if you take out the external HDMI signal, it will auto jump back to inner HDMI signal
5: RS232 control
   protocol :9600,8,N,1, 

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